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The Anchored Podcast Ep. 053: The Client & Coach Relationship

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What does a client & Coach relationship look like? The crew delve into what this means to each of them.

Having a Coach is more than just showing up to classes and having someone tell you what to do. A Coach can connect with their clients on an individual level. Someone who can observe when something is off with your training or personality and can help get your mind right.

A Coach is also someone who knows your body and what your limitations are in a particular WOD and when to push you or when to back it off a bit.

A Coach is also someone who knows his or her class and knows what the class needs on a particular day; do they need to laugh? Be more serious? Tough love? In many ways, the Coach wears many hats, and learning what our clients need on a given day is what we strive for…. to make your 1-hour (or more) at the gym, the best part of your day!

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