Anchored Ep. 96: Self Care & Grounding Yourself

In this week's episode, we chat about the importance of self care and becoming more grounded. Now, more than ever, it is important that we all find our own ways to come back down from the constant stress that surrounds us. You need to find what works for you; meditation, music, hobbies, hikes or being in nature. These are all important ways to get proper self care and bring yourself back down from the daily stress that we are surrounded with.


Corian & Rachel took a little time off to process their thoughts and feelings about all that is going on in life right now. But they are back and they are ready to talk about some hot topics in the world today and how they see the situation. From the Black Lives Matter movement to the latest CrossFit news, Corian & Rachel talk about how to learn and grow in today's world.

Anchored Ep. 95: Meet & Greet with Coach Shawna

This week we sit down with our newest Coach, Shawna Rule. We go in depth with Coach Shawna to learn how she got into fitness, how she found CrossFit and why she traveled from Wyoming to Wisconsin to join our team. We even learn some interesting and fun little facts about our newest team member.
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