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Committed Club Members December 2018

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What a year! 2018 is behind us, and that means we have about 12-months before we need to worry about Christmas 2019!¬†ūüėĪ
The hardest part of a healthy lifestyle, is finding the courage to¬†#JustShowUp. But that’s exactly what the following December Committed Club members did for the last month of the year!¬†ūüí™ūüéČūüĎŹ
Help me give a big shout out to the following HPCF Committed Club Members for December, and closing out the year right!¬†ūüĎŹūüó£
REMEMBER: January 2019 is the first month we will be implementing the NEW Committed Club rules! (Details on the new committed Club format can be found here:
Allyson Barnes¬†Desiree Farchione¬†Julie Halberstadt¬†Cory Koeller¬†Danielle Petersen¬†Giuseppina Savaglio¬†Myco Stibb¬†Sherry Wirth¬†Sara BennerNicole Ann Benzow¬†Holly Forrest Berry¬†Kassandra Cruz¬†Maren McNeilPeter Nelson¬†Amber O’Brien¬†Lynn Paulke¬†Diane Spear SanicolaElizabeth Urban¬†Corian Jean
#Justshowup #committedclub2019 #committedtohealth


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