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Anchored Podcast Ep. 60: Member Interview With Rebecca Kishline

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This week on the Podcast,  we sit down with HPCF member Rebecca Kishline!

Rebecca has been with HPCF approaching 3 years now. The team talks with Rebecca on how she’s remained so committed and dedicated to her health and wellness over the past 3 years. This is in despite of going through a pregnancy, new baby and then taking on one of the hardest jobs in the world: “stay at home mom”.

Rebecca’s journey began with a birthday gift of “OnRamp” from her husband and since her first day, she hasn’t looked back!

Rebecca talks about how she loves lifting the heavy weights because it makes her feel empowered to getting not only her first pull up, but 18 in a row!

Talking 4-H, and raising rabbits, to all things fitness with Rebecca Kishline, you won’t want to miss her amazing story.

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