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Ep. 036: Q&A with Carl Paoli

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For episode 36 we are extremely excited to share our conversation with special guest Carl Paoli. We had the opportunity to host Carl for two of his seminars earlier in November, and he graciously sat down with us to chat.

A little background on Carl: He grew up with ambitions of being an olympic gymnast, spending years of his life dedicated to being the best gymnast he could be. After his gymnastics career was finished, he found CrossFit and realized he had a lot to offer the CrossFit community. He’s spent most of the past decade teaching movement to all levels of athletes.

Our discussion with him on this particular day was Q&A format – we asked him little things about him and we asked him some bigger and more deep questions. There isĀ  no particular trend or theme of the questions, just whatever questions came to mind we asked. We hope you enjoy!

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