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Ep. 037 – Healthy, Happy, Community

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As a gym (and staff) that believes in always being the best as possible, values are something that have driven us from the beginning. We have always had values, however over the past few months we realized that we weren’t doing a great job of living by them. They were there, and something we referred to every now and then, but they weren’t necessarily part of us.

At our Coaches meeting in October we spent some time as a staff reevaluating our values and how we could make them as simple as possible so we could remember them and always have them top of mind. We boiled them down to the following: Healthy, Happy, Community.

Tune in to episode 37 to find out why we chose those three specific words and what they mean to us and to our gym! We are super excited about this episode and what this all means to us and our membership!

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