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WOD Science Ep. 15: Anterior Shoulder Pain

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The shoulders take a beating, and are one of the most used joints on the body. Because they are used so often, things get tight and gummed up and sticky. This can lead to the join not moving freely and creates some impingements, or pain. Coach Dave and Dr. Eddie delve into the issues and show you some things you can do that are often over-looked to create a free moving shoulder without pain!


Free up the lat and the sub scap with the following:

  • Foam roll the lat
  • Use a band coupled with the foam roller to put the lat on stretch and move through the ranges of motion to recover the shoulder mobility
  • lat stretch holding onto the rig and dropping into the lat
  • use a band on the rig to recover the front rack position, which opens the tricep heads and lats to allow the shoulder to get into better over head positions.