The Harbor Park CrossFit Voyage – 3 Step Process To Guaranteed Results


The Harbor Park CrossFit Voyage – 3 Step Process To Guaranteed Results

The Harbor Park CrossFit Client Voyage

Getting started may seem like a daunting task… But we assure you, it is  not… We’ve perfected this process over the last 4-years and have helped many clients improve the quality of their lives with our 3 step process!


The very first step to starting your voyage with us is your initial consultation. We’ll tell you all about us and our gym and we’ll discuss you and your fitness background. We’ll even start you off with a goal session to see what you want to achieve, and then we’ll make a plan to get you there!


Getting started begins with our Foundations Class; this is where you’ll learn the basics of CrossFit. After your Foundations class is finished, you’ll start

the Mentorship Process – a 6 week period where you’ll receive guidance as you begin your new journey with us!

PHASE 3: COMMITMENT  #Justshowup

After you’ve been with us for 6 weeks, you should have a pretty good idea of how we work. Now it’s just a matter of committing to the process. And our process is super simple – set goals, get involved with the community, and have Personal Training and/or Nutrition appointments when needed!

Interested in learning more? You can claim your FREE initial Consultation HERE to learn more about us!

What to Expect On Your First visit: