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The Anchored Podcast Ep. 66: Interview With Coach Rachel

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Today on the show, we have a very special guest with us, our very own Coach Rachel Kenney!

We sit down with Coach Rachel, who is our full-time afternoon Coach at our Racine Location.

In this episode, we chat with Rachel about her journey into CrossFit, specifically how she found it and what her goals are with competing. She tells us why she loves Coaching and then we get into a little discussion about our upcoming pull up seminar on July 28th from 1p-5pm!

Show Notes

TITLE: Interview With Coach Rachel

00:00 – 03:59 Intros & Icebreakers

03:59 – 1026 Who is Coach Rachel?

10:26  – 24:00  Upcoming Gymnastics seminar

24:00 – Ending

Pull-up Seminar Registration:

HPCF Member sign up here: >>>>Sign up<<<<<

NON HPCF Member: >>>>>Sign Up<<<<<<

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