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At Harbor Park CrossFit, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in South East Wisconsin. Tell us your success story, and we’ll not only share it, we’ll also do victory laps around the box! Just look at a few of our members’ stories, and you’ll be just as inspired.
  • Sara C.

    So, my first experience with Crossfit was horrible. For years I avoided it and even trashed talked it a bit (sorry!). But after my first class I was addicted. The community is AMAZING and completely opposite of my first experience. The work outs suck half the time, but the way I feel afterwards is amazing. I expected to hate it, and was so wrong. I actually look forward to that hour at the gym where I can push myself and learn about my strengths and weaknesses. It’s also be amazing for my mental health. The day before my foundations class I was so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed, that happened a lot. In the last three months I haven’t had a day like that and my anxiety has been better as well! It’s such a good feeling to know I found a healthy coping method that works.

  • Tim M.

    Hello, my name is Tim Marlotty I am writing this testimonial on what physical fitness and diet can do with the proper coaching. I am 56 years old, I am from Kenosha Wisconsin. I have always been very  active, however the last ten years I have slowed down and put on a massive amount of extra weight, which made my knees hurt  to the point where it was painful just walking. My coworker told me about the crossfit gym he belongs to (Harbor Park), and I saw how his conditioning changed, so I decided to check out this gym. I made an appointment to tour the gym, when I  walked in I  was met by Corian the owner, the people in the gym working out greeted me and were very friendly. I felt intimidated due to my bad physical  condition, but I signed up and never looked back. The workouts will test your endurance and increase your stamina, and build muscle, the coaches modify everyone’s  workout to fit any injury or people in bad physical shape like myself. I have been a member of Harbor Park cross fit for 45 days and have lost 20 pounds, and several inches around my waist and hips,  I am walking much better and  with less pain, it is exciting to break personal records such as on the rowing machine or bike, my goal is to be running with no pain by summer. Harbor Park also offers Pilates which is really helping me with my core strength.  Corian also is the owner of Own Health Coaching and we just had a month long  weight loss challenge, that is where I lost most of the weight, coach Dave sat down with me and showed me how to incorporate carbs, protein, and fats in each meal. The pictures I took at the beginning and the end of the weight loss challenge are evidence of not only weight loss in pounds but also muscle being added to my physique. Cross fit also has  competitions that I would like to be a part of down the road. In closing I want to say Harbor Park CrossFit is a lot of fun, they taught me how to change bad nutrition habits for healthy ones, the coaches are top rated and they know what they are doing, also the people cheer each other on and are very respectful to each other, they call each other fitfam. Harbor Park cross fit is top notch and I plan on continuing my health journey with the fitfam.

  • Stephanie F.

    This place is seriously awesome. I did crossfit years ago and have been wanting to get back into it. Every time I go in the coaches are super awesome, the workouts are intense, and the troubles of my day/week just disappear. I wish I had signed up sooner. I feel like I’ve been missing out! Thanks for an awesome place!!

  • Debra G.

    I joined about a month ago, program and coaches are great, everyone there is helpful & pleasant. Be forewarned though, they like burpees!!!!

  • Mike Wook

    Great positive place to workout, the coaches are very informative and instructive with technique and making sure injuries are prevented through helpful stretches. The community keeps me coming back and I consider this a home away from home.

  • Stuart Bernett

    When I first started going to the gym, I needed to use two types of inhalers just to breathe. I also needed a sleep apnea machine to help me sleep at night. After just 4 weeks, I no longer had to use any of my inhalers and I no longer needed my sleep apnea machine. One of the most positive impacts is my energy levels. I feel like I have more energy to do activities and enjoy life in general.

  • Nicole Pulice

    Corian is the best coach anyone could ask for. Love the atmosphere and the family feel during workouts. Everyone encourages everyone during workouts.

  • J&C Morris

    Dropped in to the Racine location while on vacation. Everyone was very welcoming and the coaches were great! The equipment and facility were well taken care of, and most importantly the workout was challenging and the coach took the time to break down the workout properly and add some strategy insights. Will definitely be back if I’m ever in Wisconsin again!

  • Ben Luce

    Dropped in while visiting the area. The gym is an impressive physical space, and the people were super friendly and welcoming. The coaches were great, and I thought it was really unique that they had two coaches for the class I was in (showed a dedication to teaching proper technique, and scaling appropriately). Would really recommend, and will drop in here again if I have the chance.

  • Stephen Minakian

    Great programming, awesome atmosphere, and best of all a wonderful community. I’ll be looking for a new box when I get back to Denver, hope something will meet my new expectations.

  • Dianna Ruhl

    7Every day I get a little stronger. Every day I do something I never thought I could. Harbor Park CrossFit has filled a void in my life I didn’t even know existed. CrossFit has changed so much for me in these short 3 months. I have now lost a total of 60lbs! This was way past my goal and what I thought I could achieve.

  • Melissa Rodefer

    I recall my first workout, going home afterwards and crawling into bed. I thought this to myself, “There is NO WAY that I can do that ever again, I will go back at least once more, but I doubt I’ll ever go back after that.” HA! Well now it is a year later and I cannot see myself NOT being a part of it. It’s not just the working out, it is the friends there, the family-like support I get from EVERYONE.


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