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Regardless of your age, size or skill level, Harbor Park CrossFit is the gym for the best selection of coaches, members and equipment around. If you’re a beginner, we’ll stand by your side for maximum assistance until you’re ready to fly with your new CrossFit family in a group setting. You’ll scale up in no time—and grow right along with us!
  • Foundations

    Our Foundations program is designed to bridge the gap between new members and our CrossFit classes. Every new person is required to go to Foundations class once (although you can go as many times as you want), and the class is designed to teach you the advanced movements you’ll come across in class. Foundation classes run every Thursday evening at both locations.

  • Massage Therapy

    Sure, foam rollers and ice packs can help recovery, but a regular sports massage may help take your fitness to the next level.

    Sports massage is used for a number of different reasons, but it is especially effective in aiding recovery, improving mobility, and treating and preventing injury. This makes it a perfect tool within professional sports to help improve individual performance.

    CrossFit is a sport that demands functional movements at different levels of intensity and variety. When you become injured, your body’s effectiveness becomes compromised and compensates for that injured area. This diminishes your ability to react and carry out movements to their optimum potential.

    To ensure you perform at your best, you must recover quickly and efficiently after competition or training. This enables you to gain the full benefit from a hard WOD or strength-and-conditioning session. If you don’t recover efficiently, then performance and fatigue can set in, eventually succumbing to the effects of overtraining.

    HPCF Sports massage can help:

    • Promote efficient scar formation following acute trauma
    • Reduce excessive adhesion and scar formation following chronic trauma
    • Reduce excessive fascial thickening
    • Reduce spasm secondary to pain
    • Decrease neuronal excitability

    Reducing tension and adhesions in muscle allows you to improve your range of motion, perfect for the different events involved in CrossFit. The massage will also dilate your blood vessels and have a positive effect on your cardiovascular system. This improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body while removing waste products and toxins at a quicker rate. Muscle repair times are faster, ultimately reducing the risk of delayed onset muscle soreness.

    Sports Massage can also aid the process of recovery — especially as you change your program, add weight or attempt something different in your normal routine. If you are new to CrossFit, massage is even more relevant because you will be learning new skills and movements that will put a lot of strain on your body.

    Techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release will help reduce and release adhesions and knots, ensuring your muscles return to their optimum state a lot quicker.

    Sports massage helps relieve pain and promote the growth of new muscle cells while repairing the damaged ones. Even if you are not in pain, sports massage will improve muscle function, thus making you more efficient while recovering and competing. Regarding recovery, sports massage can:

    • Reduce excessive post-exercise muscle tone
    • Increase muscle range
    • Increase circulation and nutrition to damaged tissue
    • Deactivate symptomatic trigger points
    • Identify soft tissue abnormalities

    There are also many psychological benefits of sports massage, such as relaxation and stress reduction — both mentally and physiologically. A clear head is key to individual success, and sports massage often aids individuals in concentration and application.

  • CrossFit

    Our standard CrossFit class is where all the magic happens. Our proprietary programming offers the same benefits to brand new beginners and savvy veterans alike. We incorporate strength and conditioning principals in a manner that is sure to keep you guessing and hungry for more. Whether your goals are to lose 30 pounds or to compete at The CrossFit Games, our program is for you.

  • Individualized Goals Sessions

    We know everyone has their own unique goals. This may be weight loss, nutrition guidance, or even progressions to get their first pull-up! Whatever the case, we offer every client FREE quarterly goals sessions with a coach. These goals sessions are centered around the client where they can get direct access to a Coach who can help steer them on the correct path to achieve their specific individualized goals. Goal sessions also include measurements and photos so clients can see their progress! – A Goal without a plan, is just a wish…

  • Running Club

    Run Club started organically as one of our members, Ed Mathein, started to help members prepare for a local half-marathon. Now, Ed hosts technique based classes on Thursday evenings as well as longer runs on Sunday mornings. Run club is free for members and non-members alike!

  • Pilates

    In January, Pilates instructor Angie Asmann moved to town and asked if we could offer her services. Coincidentally we were in the pursuit of a Pilates instructor, and the match fit. Pilates is free to our members, but we also offer Pilates only membership options to non-members. Classes are offered Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons, and both Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


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