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Func Bod Track – What’s in a name?

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What’s In A Name?

Over this last year, we’ve made a few changes in how we scale… actually,  this is not true… we’ve always scaled, the thing we’ve changed is how we name the workout tracks on the whiteboards.
You may recall, we used to use a system called “Levels 1,2 or 3”, which we originally believed could help people figure out how to scale a workout appropriately… The thought was, if you were just starting your CrossFit journey, you’d be a level 1, and if you had been around awhile, you’d be a level 3. What we learned instead, was this forced more people to scale up when they shouldn’t, due to the fact that no one wanted to be “Level 1″…. We learned that “level 1” had a negative connotation around it, and no one wants to be “Labeled” less than everyone else…  Because of this, we actually achieved the opposite result we had aimed to fix! Plus, we had no definitive way to determine when someone leveled up.
To help with this, we changed the “Levels” to names;” Func Bod, Fitness and Performance” – We believed that having a track named for your specific desired results would help people choose the right pathway when considering a “Scale”.
Think about it, are you a competitive athlete who wishes to go to competitions and compete? Then the “Performance Track” would be more for you! Are you just doing this to be more fit? Then “Fitness” would be the track you follow….
Then came “Func Bod” – Originally, Func Bod was named for “Functional Body Building” and the original goal for this track was to take down the intensity and geared at keeping the body under tension for longer periods of time. This meant, tempo-tempo-tempo! In the beginning, this was a cool concept, but we saw very few people actually using it… So, we started to evolve the process even further.  Over the past few month, we’ve been making some tweaks and some experiments and realized that the true NEED and purpose of this track is to take the intensity down and focus on more technique, proper form & Injury prevention. As a result of doing this, we can help newer athletes and athletes dealing with injuries or soreness get a great workout, without overdoing it, or over complicating it! Take for example a WOD of: 50-40-30-20-10 rep scheme. For RX (Fitness) this would be as written. For Performance, we’d increase the weights, make the movement more dynamic/complicated. For Func Bod,  we’d bring down the reps to something more like this: 2rds of 25,20,15,10,5. By doing this, we accomplished a 2 things: 1) we kept the reps to a more manageable rep scheme to allow for form to stay consistent. 2) we still kept the intensity high, and even though we cut the round sin half, doing 2 rounds allows someone to still get the same amount of reps as everyone else! Other things we’ve played around with is EMOMs, which helps give people necessary work to rest ratio so they can keep intensity high as well as good form!  After introducing these changes, we started to notice more athletes starting to follow this track… and, fewer injuries!
So, after doing this type of programming for a while, we needed to ask ourselves “is this functional body building?” and the answer is no… So, since it isn’t then the term can be even more confusing for people… and we try to avoid confusion!
After some careful review and discussion, we’ve decided that we will rename “Func Bod” to “Wellness”.  We believe that this falls into the “Fitness/Wellness Continuum” and when we as athletes choose how to scale a workout, you can ask yourself “What am I here for today?” If it’s to be competitive and go to competitions, then choose the “Performance Track” more often than not… If it’s to be healthy, strong and take your game to the next level, but not necessarily to the level of competitions, then more often than not, you’d choose the “Fitness Track”… If your goal is to improve your daily life, move more and be healthy, then you’d choose the “Wellness Track”.
We also feel the “Wellness, Fitness, Performance” sunds better, and can be easily recognizable to someone based on their needs and goals! So, moving forward, nothing changes other than the name.

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