Career Path

Harbor Park CrossFit Career Path

At Harbor Park CrossFit we believe in being more than a part-time employer – our goal is to be an organization that cultivates and develops world class staff and trainers. Whether your ambition is to be a part-time coach or to coach CrossFit for your living, we believe we can accommodate you.

The process is simple, just follow our Career Path flowchart to whatever destination is right for you!

Part-Time Staff

  • HPCF Intern Program – all staff starts in the Intern Program to make sure we are a good fit. It’s important that we believe you are a fit for our organization, but it’s also just as important to make sure you think we are the right fit for you.
  • Assistant Coach – an Assistant Coach is categorized by working an average of 1-9 hours per week and has relatively little responsibilities other than coaching duties.
  • Primary Coach – our Primary Coaching position is similar to our Assistant Coach position, however they coach an average of 10-29 hours per week.

Full-Time Staff

  • Full-Time Coach – our Full-Time Coach position works an average of 30 or more hours per week and has additional administrative responsibilities outside of coaching.
  • Client Management Specialist – our CMS position is primarily focused around handling member relations and administrative duties. The CMS also will be responsible to coach a few hours per week.

Management Team

  • Facility Manager – the Facility Manager Position is earned when a Client Management Specialist is given the responsibility for all of the day to day operations of the facility.
  • Head Coach – the Head Coach position is responsible for program and coach development and may also have administrative and coaching duties.


  • Facility Owner – have aspirations of owning your own facility someday? At partner, you are the owner of your facility but we will allow you to use our proven branding and marketing, and you will get mentorship and advice from us as we act as a Board of Directors for your gym.

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